About Us

Founded in 2013, Reprocess.com has become a one-stop-shop for collecting, reprocessing and reselling non-critical medical devices for the healthcare industry. As a leader in non-critical device reprocessing, we have created a web portal where facilities can share in the benefits of reprocessing. Whether you are a large hospital in a large health system, or a smaller outpatient surgery center, you can benefit tremendously from utilizing our service. Reprocess.com is preventing thousands of pounds of used medical devices from entering our landfills each day, but we are also savings hospitals and surgery centers millions of dollars. Don’t just take our word for it; Ask our customers.

The landscape of our healthcare sector is changing and hospitals CEO’s are searching for ways to save. Look no further, you have found the answer. Our process is simple regardless of why or how you found us. If you want to sell your non-critical devices, we will purchase and pay top dollar. If you want to purchase non-critical devices, we have already purchased, reprocessed, and repackaged for an immediate savings.